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1962 Silvertone 1448 w/ Amp-In-Case Tube Amp Case - SAFE TO USE!


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We have always had a soft spot for these cool guitar and amp/case packages from the early 1960s. Built by Danelectro and sold by Sears, the Silvertone electric guitar with matching Amp-In-Case just drips with coolness. We may never know how many kids got these as Christmas and birthday gifts, or how many lawns were mowed to save up the purchase price, but we know it's probably a lot!  They're a blast to play and cool to just have around. We've had many of these over the years, (we actively search for them) and seeing people react to them in our store never gets old. This is one of those instantly recognizable pieces that makes people smile.  There are a lot of them out there....they aren't necessarily rare. What is rare is finding a whole kit like this that is ready to play. The guitars are always a mess and the amps can kill you. No, seriously, they can kill you. You really need to be careful when you buy one because these are all over the internet for sale with claims of having a 3-prong grounded power cable installed to replace the wimpy original 2-prong cable. That's great, but it doesn't solve the actual problem, which can still kill you. This amp that we are selling has been properly made safe to use with the addition of an isolation transformer, and a 3-prong cable, of course. This is the only way to make one of these safe, and we recommend that you do your research before buying one of these cool pieces of history. Why would you want to buy one of these ridiculously cool vintage amps that you can't even use safely? The rest of the amp guts, the tubes, and the speaker are all original and fully functional. The amp runs quiet, and the volume knob works without crackling. The case is structurally intact with no issues, and shows typical wear and tear for a 60+ year old catalog store instrument. A printed circuit diagram is included, for reference, if the amp ever needs to be repaired in the future. 

The 1448 guitar is overall in good condition. The neck is straight, the original frets have plenty of life left, the original tuners have been cleaned and adjusted. The headstock badge is intact. The electronics are all original, as is the bridge and other hardware. It's a survivor! Our pro shop has given the guitar a full setup and fresh strings. Low action, chunky neck, short scale, and a hot lipstick pickup! It's a beautiful thing.  The original pickup, jack, and controls have been cleaned and work perfectly. 

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