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2020 Gibson SG Standard - '61 Reissue - Cherry - w/ OHSC


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The 2020 Gibson SG Standard 1961 Reissue in a classic Cherry finish is a faithful nod to the iconic model that has captivated guitarists for decades. This particular instrument has been meticulously maintained, featuring a straight neck and minimal fret wear, ensuring it plays as beautifully as it looks. The low action and recent setup and restringing contribute to a smooth, comfortable playing experience, making it a joy to play for hours on end.

In a thoughtful upgrade to enhance its functionality and appeal, Straplocks have been added to secure the guitar during energetic performances. Accompanying this modification is a high-quality leather strap equipped with Straplock ends, providing both security and style. However, it's important to note a minor cosmetic issue: there is finish burn around the rear strap button location, a result of being stored with the strap still installed. This in no way affects the guitar's sound or playability and is merely an aesthetic blemish on an otherwise exceptional instrument.

Further setting this SG apart from its peers is the installation of a Seymour Duncan Black Winter pickup set, offering a tonal palette that ranges from clean, articulate sounds to aggressive, high-output tones perfect for heavier music genres. The original knobs have been replaced, adding a personal touch to the guitar's appearance. Despite these modifications, the guitar's integrity remains intact, with no cracks or signs of previous repair. It comes complete with the original case and paperwork, ensuring the guitar's provenance and providing added value for collectors and players alike.


  • Classic Cherry finish on a 2020 Gibson SG Standard 1961 Reissue model.
  • Straight neck with minimal fret wear and low action for a superior playing experience.
  • Freshly setup and restrung, ready to play straight out of the case.
  • Straplocks and a high-quality leather strap included for enhanced security and comfort.
  • Seymour Duncan Black Winter pickup set installed for versatile, high-output tones.
  • Original case and paperwork included, preserving the guitar's history and authenticity.
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