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1984 Roland Synthesizer - G-707 Guitar + GR-700 Foot Controller Synth - Black


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For your consideration, a 1984 Roland G-707 Synth Guitar Controller and 1985 GR-700 Synthesizer Foot Controller, with extras!  All of these pieces are hard to find these days, and bundles this complete rarely pop up for sale. We've been chasing these Roland Synths for many years, and this is the most complete and ready to be played rig we have encountered in a very long time.  It's wild to think that these Roland setups sold for $4,000 new in 1984, which is around $11,000 in today's dollar. Ace Frehley, Andy Summers, Elliot Easton, Jimmy Page and more guitar heroes were part of the initial ad campaign, which is super cool. 

The guitar is all original and unmodified, and clad in the 2nd rarest color: Black. The guitar plays fantastic and as just an electric guitar without the synth stuff, is actually a great instrument. Ash body, Maple neck, Rosewood fingerboard, jumbo frets, Kahler tremolo (that is fully floated and dialed-in). They actually sound great in regular guitar mode! All of the onboard synth controls work perfectly. The original hex-pickup is healthy, and the 24-pin output works as it should. The original 24-pin cable is included, and a new custom-made replacement is also included. The guitar still has the rubber plug to cover the trim pots on the rear cavity cover, which is usually the first thing to go missing on these. No cracks in the ABS stabilizer bar, no modifications, and no excuse! The action is low, and this one is a blast to play. The rare original Roland hardshell case is included, as well as a 1980's Roland parts bag and the original Roland service manual and diagrams.  Also included is an original memory card that has had the soldered-in battery replaced and works perfectly. 

The 1985 GR-700 pedalboard has been fully serviced by Synth Spa, our favorite and most trusted source for making these early synths work properly. These units contain a set of six Roland voice chips: the same one found in the Juno synth keyboards. These voice chips have a 100% fail rate. Seriously. They ALL fail. I cannot even begin to count how many times I have heard or seen someone buy one of these online that says it has the original voice chips and it works great, only for it to work great for a few days before failing. Replacing them is very expensive!!! This pedalboard has had all 6 voice chips replaced with stock units that have been modified to function without the heat and coating issues that cause them all to fail. All jacks, buttons, and switches have been cleaned, and a 3-pong grounded power cable has been installed. Everything works perfectly. Again, this is an already-updated and serviced synth that is not a ticking time bomb that will not need a very expensive overhaul anytime soon. 

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