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Hunter Amplifiers - "The Keno Micro" - JTM45 at 4.5 Watts! Tube 1x12" Combo Amp


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Another incredible one-off amp from Hunter Amplifiers!  This sweet Marshall JTM45 - influenced circuit was handmade, with love, using purpose-picked components. Like all Hunter Amplifiers, there are no kits involved here. This was handbuilt the hard way, by a single person, right here in South Central, Kentucky!

We absolutely love this amp! Plenty of gain and that much-needed British chime at a low volume! It's a blast to play through...fully dimed out, it is still quiet enough for an apartment, bedroom, or wherever you need smooth thick overdrive at a low volume. This amp could easily become your recording studio workhorse! Put a nice overdrive in front of it and listen to it wail!  

A note from the builder:

"Just like the Marshall JTM45 is based on Fender's Tweed Bassman (5F6A), the Keno-Micro 4.5 is based on the Robinette Micro-Bassman. It's a 4.5-watt high-gain combo in a hand-crafted pine cabinet with a Celestion 12-inch speaker. It uses high-quality parts throughout; Hammond iron (transformers and choke), Mojotone filter capacitor, Mallory coupling capacitors, CTS and Alpha potentiometers, and Switchcraft jacks and plug. It even has an effects loop! Perfect for bedroom or studio use. You can even use it on stage if you put a microphone on it. Your soundman will love you! It uses three new JJ 12AX7 tubes in the preamp and phase inverter, a NOS 12BH7 power tube running as two separate triodes, and a new JJ EZ81 rectifier tube."

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