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1950 S.S. Stewart - Jumbo Flattop Acoustic

S.S. Stewart

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The 1950 S.S. Stewart Jumbo Flattop Acoustic guitar is a remarkable representation of the unparalleled craftsmanship and robust design characteristic of American flattop jumbos from the mid-20th century. Known for their powerful sound and substantial build, these instruments were crafted to withstand the rigors of extensive play, and this particular model is no exception. Often described as "built like a tank," this guitar has endured the test of time, showcasing the durability and quality of its construction. Despite its age, it remains in excellent playing condition, thanks to careful maintenance and professional adjustments over the years.

One of the key interventions that have preserved this guitar's playability is a professional neck reset performed a while ago. This crucial adjustment has ensured that the guitar continues to play great, with low action and a straight neck—two attributes that are highly prized by musicians for comfort and ease of play. Additionally, the original saddle, which has grooves cut into it for lower action, has been ingeniously flipped upside down to its clean side, maintaining the instrument's playability without sacrificing its vintage integrity. This guitar bears the marks of its history with pride, displaying typical wear and tear that adds character without indicating any abuse.

The 1950 S.S. Stewart Jumbo Flattop Acoustic is not just an instrument; it's a piece of musical history that offers a window into the past and the enduring legacy of American guitar craftsmanship. Its rich, resonant sound and robust build make it a cherished find for collectors, professional musicians, and anyone with an appreciation for vintage acoustic guitars. Despite its vintage, this guitar is more than ready to continue making music, offering its next owner the unique opportunity to own and play a piece of American musical heritage.


  • Robust construction characteristic of mid-20th century American flattop jumbo guitars.
  • Professional neck reset ensures low action and a straight neck for excellent playability.
  • Original saddle modified for lower action, demonstrating innovative maintenance to preserve playability.
  • Bears typical wear and tear, adding character and authenticity without signs of abuse.
  • A testament to the enduring quality and sound of vintage American acoustic guitars.
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