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1960's Crestwood Electric Mandolin - Venetian - MIJ Japan


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Funky and odd, that's how we roll! Just like this funky mandolin from the 1960's. This one has all the vibe! 

This mandolin is completely playable as-is, but it isn't great and  needs a little bit of love to take it to the next condition level. The electronics are stock and work properly. The pickguard is missing. There is a crack in the top but it doesn't appear to be actively worsening or affecting playability. The neck is shimmed for better playability. The body binding was reglued poorly on one side near the neck pocket, the other side is loose and a repair has not been attempted. The nut has been replaced. The tuners are all original except for one replacement tuner shaft and gear that are slightly taller but work perfectly. We are selling this one cheap because of the condition. Our plan was to restore it fully, but we are too backed up and selling off some of the projects. 

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