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1965 Zen-On ES-70 - MIJ Sunburst - Japan


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They're cheap. They're funky. They're getting harder to find.

Yup, we're talking about the Japanese-made imported guitars from the 1960's!  I have always had an attraction to them because they are unapologetically bold, odd, and weird. They age well, and are getting cooler by the day. My staff, who get to put their hands on all sorts of insanely cool, rare, and expensive guitars, completely geek out every time one of these walks in the door.  I am not kidding. 

Aside from a single replaced knob and the bridge, the guitar is all original. Look, even the headstock badge is still there and not broken. The pickguard has the typical broken corners but it still great looking. The neck is straight. 

We've given it a proper cleaning, fret polish, hydration, setup, restring and electronics cleaning. The rocker switches even work like they should!

It is ready to be played. Nice action on this one, so act fast.


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