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1967 Fender Coronado II Hollowbody w/ OHSC - Candy Apply Red Burst


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The 1967 Fender Coronado II in Candy Apple Red Burst is a stunning example of Fender's venture into the hollowbody guitar market during the mid-1960s. This particular model, featuring the rare tremolo option, stands out not only for its unique specifications but also for its impeccable preservation. Being 100% original, with no modifications and no signs of abuse, it represents a remarkable find for collectors and players alike who appreciate the blend of Fender's craftsmanship and the distinct aesthetic of the era.

The guitar's finish, Candy Apple Red Burst, is notably funky and eye-catching. It's a translucent red that allows the natural beauty of the wood grain to peek through, enhanced by a thin silver metalflake dusting around the outer edge and the f-holes, under the color coat. This detail gives the guitar a unique shimmer when in motion, making it a visually captivating instrument on stage and in the hands of a player. The presence of authentic belt rash on the back adds character and tells the story of its life and use, all while maintaining the integrity of the guitar without any cracks or structural issues.

The neck of this Coronado II feels worn-in, offering a comfortable, familiar feel to the player, as if it's an extension of their own hands. The truss rod's functionality in both directions ensures that the guitar's setup can be finely adjusted to suit the player's preferences. All electronics are original and fully functional, preserving the authentic Fender tone that enthusiasts seek.

Included with this guitar is the original Victoria Luggage Co. case, further adding to its collectibility and ensuring its protection. The guitar has been completely authenticated, cleaned, and set up in-house, featuring low action and fresh strings for an optimal playing experience right out of the case. This 1967 Fender Coronado II is not just an instrument; it's a piece of music history, embodying the innovation and style of the 1960s Fender lineup.


  • Rare tremolo model, adding a unique vibrato capability.
  • 100% original condition with no modifications, preserving its historical integrity.
  • Candy Apple Red Burst finish with unique silver metalflake dusting for a distinctive appearance.
  • Original and fully functional electronics, maintaining the authentic Fender tone.
  • Includes the original Victoria Luggage Co. case, enhancing its collectibility and providing protection.
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