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1969 Fender Princeton Reverb Amp - Silverface Drip Edge Transition AA764 BF/SF

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Who doesn't like a Princeton Reverb?  

Exactly.  No one! At least not around here because we absolutely love them! This one is the most responsive and articulate sounding one we have had our hands on, and we deal in Princetons regularly!  It's lively and has that punch from the 10" speaker that we're always craving. The transitional combo of a BF circuit with early SF drip-edge cosmetics is truly the coolest combo of features that you can get on one of these! 

This 1969 Princeton Reverb came to us from the 2nd owner who has had this amp in his possession for 40+ years. He quit playing guitar a long time ago, so we were skeptical that the amp would need lots of work after sitting unplayed for so long. We plugged it in and it fired right up and sounded incredible! Unreal! A peek inside shows that the original Blackface AA764 circuit was 100% stock and untouched. While we were inside the amp, we replaced the 2-prong power cable with a new grounded 3-prong cable. We also disconnected the "death cap" for safety reasons. It is still physically installed, just disconnected. You do not want to be zapped, trust us. Since swapping to a 3-prong grounded power cable makes the stock "ground" switch no longer active, we did the NFL mod to add a negative feedback loop, switchable with the "ground" switch. This can be easily reversed if needed, but we thought it would add some more usability to this already fantastic amp, and it doesn't change the circuit at all.  We also replaced the two mis-matched tubes with new JJ Tubes. All pots, jacks, and switches were cleaned while we had it open. The footswitch is a new replacement 2-button model with RCA ends. It looks like original equipment, but it is a replacement. 

This amp is ready to rock! No excuses here, just a super nice Fender Princeton Reverb! 


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