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1970s Kay K-2 "SG" - Tremolo - Cherry Red - MIJ Japan


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The 1970's Kay K-2 "SG" in Translucent Cherry Red is a charming vintage guitar that captures the essence of the era with its distinctive design and vibrant finish. This model is reminiscent of the classic SG shape, offering a unique blend of style and playability. Despite showing some wear and tear typical for its age, this guitar remains in good condition and retains its original character. The only non-original part is a replacement tremolo spring and the nut,  ensuring that it stays true to its vintage roots.

All electronics are fully functional, and the guitar features a straight neck with low action, making it a joy to play. It has been freshly setup and restrung, ready to deliver its signature jangly tones. Whether you're a collector of vintage instruments or a player looking for a unique sound, the Kay K-2 "SG" is a great addition to any arsenal.


  • Classic 1970's Kay K-2 "SG" design
  • Translucent Cherry Red finish
  • All original aside from a replacement tremolo spring and the nut
  • Fully functional electronics with a straight neck and low action
  • Freshly setup and restrung, ready to play
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