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1971 Ampeg B-15S Portaflex Fliptop Amp


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Nothing quite thumps like an Ampeg Fliptop! We can't even begin to count how many songs have been recorded with one of these, but it is for sure a very long list that contains many iconic bass lines. 

This B-15S is in "Player's Grade" condition. It's seen some use and abuse, but you'll overlook that once you hear it!  The amp has has both transformers rebuilt, and fresh power tubes installed. It works perfectly! No crackly knobs and no static, this amp is ready to rock. We had the original 15" speaker professionally re-coned. The wheels and cart are missing, and so are two of the top latches. There is a website that sells them, but we can't get logged into our account to order them and gave up on trying. The lid stays on with two latches, but you can replace the missing two if you'd like.  Cosmetically, the amp is a bit rough, but the functionality is where it's at with this one!  This amp could be a beast in your studio, a killer rehearsal rig, or even a reliable stage amp if needed. The iconic warm sound is there, and it is hard to dial in a bad sound with this one.  

The shipping charge is high because this needs to be shipped in three pieces: the head, the cab, and the speaker separate. We would prefer to sell this one in-store, but we will ship if necessary. 

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