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1971 Martin D-18 w/HSC - Player's Grade

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There's something magical about a beat up old acoustic, and this one is no slouch!

This sweet dreadnaught from 1971 has seen some things, but that's not a bad thing. The top appears to have had a re-stain at some point, as it is a bit darker than what is typical on these. The previous owner was told by an "expert" that it was originally sunburst, but we feel it was a natural model with added stain. The stain job is old, definitely not a recent modification. There are no cracks in the top, back, or sides! We have been through the internals with a blacklight and borescope...all braces are intact, as is the bridge plate, with no signs of previous repair. The bridge is securely attached and not lifting in any place. There are a few places on the guitar where the finish appears to have been oversprayed in spots that have picked up some fuzz from inside the case and the occasional fingerprint from touching it before it was dry. The binding is secure all the way around and looks like it only has been reattached in a few minor places, and a rather clean job was done. The original pickguard has started to curl, but it isn't bad. It doesn't appear to have been reattached at any point. The neck angle is correct and has not been modified. The first few frets have typical playwear dings, but none that are deep enough to affect playability or intonation. There is a stand rash on the back of the neck from it hanging on a stand with pads that ate through the lacquer. We hate that usually, but on a guitar with this much character and vibe, it doesn't bother us!  It's a great player's grade guitar!

String height is .070 at the 5th fret on the Low E, and .060 on the high E.  We have it setup to the specs our bluegrass customers love. The action could be lowered if you needed it to be. It plays great and sounds huge!  Freshly setup and restrung! 

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