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1977 Gibson MK-35 - Acoustic

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Ahhhhh another oddball from Gibson's wonderful Norlin years! So many designs that actually were great ideas, like this one, never really stuck for Gibson. The lines on the MK-35 are gorgeous, it truly is a beautiful design. Plus, the fanned bridge was a great way to evenly distribute the string tension across the top without being ugly. Not bad! 

This particular guitar is in fantastic condition, with no signs of abuse. 100% original and unmodified. The neck is straight, truss rod works in both directions, and fretwear is absolutely minimal. The first 2 frets have the tiniest divots that are hard to see without trying hard. This is truly a low-miles vintage guitar! The body has no cracks, no cleats, no repairs, no resprays! The bridge is still on it's factory glue job. It has a tiny bit of lift in the middle, but it has been tuned to standard pitch for a month in or shop before listing it here for sale, and the bridge has not lifted any further and the guitar stays in tune as it should. We have been through the structure with a borescope and blacklight and all braces, the bridge plate, and all other components are in perfect shape. The neck has never been off, nor has the binding. This one is the cleanest MK we have seen!  

For some reason, there are a handful of these out there for sale without pickguards and some claim that the guitar didn't come with one. Well, it did.   :) 

This guitar has something that none of the others that have been for sale on the internet have had. The original paperwork and saddle kit! This guitar original came with 3 different height saddles, so action adjustment is rather simple. Just slide in the saddle with the height you want! We have the LOW installed now and it feels great!  Check out all of that case candy! There's even a $20 bill from 1977 that we acquired from the previous owner of this guitar.....He sold us this Gibson, then paid for a purchase using cash and one of the bills from from 1977, so of course we are including it! 

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