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1980 Fender USA Lead II - Black


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Often overlooked, the Fender Lead Series straight up rocked. Combining familiar elements from Fender's other models like the Strat and Tele, and putting it onto a compact body similar in size to a Mustang or Duo-Sonic, they're underrated instruments. The necks are fantastic, and similar in feel to a late-50s Strat neck. The pickups on this one have been changed....the bridge is a Seymour Duncan rail, and we aren't sure what the neck position is, but it sounds great and pairs nicely with the Duncan. The rest of the electronics are stock and unmodified, and both pots date to early 1980.  The body finish is loaded with checking, but that is to be expected on the early Lead models. Fender hadn't quite figured out the right formula for a poly finish and the proper steps to make it stick to an Ash body, so these early Leads tend to have cool looking crackly finishes. Fretwear is minimal and not affecting intonation or playability. The body and neck serial numbers match. 

This guitar has been fully setup and restrung. It plays fantastic and is a blast to play. 

A hardshell case is included. 


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