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1984 Aria Pro II - XX-MS - Michael Schenker Signature Model Flying V - 2-tone

Aria Pro II

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We're all Michael Schenker fans arounds here. His contributions to UFO, Scorpions, and MSG have firmly planted him in the list of guitarists who just straight up rock. 













This 1984 XX-MS model is no slouch! This is a very well built guitar! This model was only offered in 1984, and not a lot were made, making it fairly rare. We watch for these online and can't recall the last time one this original has come up for sale publicly. All Made in Japan guitars seem to be rising in collectability and scarcity, and this one is definitely on the move!
















This guitar is 100% original and unmodified, aside from a replaced toggle switch and a bridge pickup rewind by Lindy Fralin. No signs of abuse on this one, and the condition is definitely above average for a nearly 40 year old guitar. See the photos...there are dings and such, plus paint chips in a few of the usual spots, but overall it is still rather clean for an old pointy guitar. 
















The neck is straight with no issues, fret wear is minimal and not affecting intonation or playability, the truss rod works in both directions. Our pro repair shop just gave it a thorough cleaning, polished the frets, hydrated the fingerboard, cleaned and oiled all moving parts, and cleaned the electronics so they function with no crackling noises or dead spots. Freshly setup and restrung, this one is ready to rock on arrival!
















Sorry, no case is included. Weight: 7.03 pounds

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