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1998 Jackson Randy Rhoads RR3 - Made in Japan - Black - Floyd Rose


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The 1998 Jackson Randy Rhoads RR3 in Black is a speed demon made in Japan, designed to exude attitude and unparalleled performance. This guitar is built for speed, featuring a straight neck and frets with minimal wear for easy playability. The locking nut boasts brand new hardware, ensuring stability and tuning accuracy, and the chrome Floyd Rose tremolo system is all original, with a new replacement arm for added functionality. Equipped with a Duncan Designed Invader neck pickup and a Seymour Duncan Distortion bridge pickup, this guitar delivers a versatile range of tones to suit any heavy rock style. All controls operate flawlessly, allowing for seamless adjustments on the fly. A professional setup in our shop has resulted in low action and a perfectly balanced tremolo system. While the black body is overall clean, the refinished very tips of the horns are barely noticeable unless closely inspected - a common touch-up on pointy guitars that does not detract from the overall appeal of this rock-ready instrument. No case is included. We're pros at padding the horns for safe shipping!


  1. Made in Japan 1998 Jackson Randy Rhoads RR3 in Black, known for speed and attitude.
  2. Straight neck, minimally worn frets, and new locking nut hardware for smooth playability.
  3. Original chrome Floyd Rose tremolo with new arm, offering stability and performance.
  4. Duncan Designed Invader neck pickup and Seymour Duncan Distortion bridge pickup for versatile tones.
  5. Professional setup resulting in low action, balanced tremolo, and flawless control operation, ready for high-energy performances.
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