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2021 Kramer Baretta - Dave "Snake" Sabo Signature Model - w/ Gig Bag


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The 2021 Kramer Baretta Dave "Snake" Sabo Signature Model is a tribute to the iconic Skid Row guitarist, encapsulating the essence of rock and metal from the late 80s and early 90s. This guitar, in 100% original condition with no modifications, is a testament to Kramer's dedication to producing instruments that meet the exacting standards of the musicians they honor. The absence of any issues and the inclusion of a fresh setup and restringing with low action ensure that this guitar is not only a collector's item but also a high-performance instrument ready for the stage or studio.

The Dave "Snake" Sabo Signature Model stands out with its distinctive design and appointments, tailored to replicate the look and feel of Sabo's own guitar. While it maintains the classic Baretta silhouette, this model is imbued with unique features that reflect Sabo's personal style and playing needs. The only notable deviation from its original state is the missing back plate, a minor aspect that does not detract from the guitar's overall functionality or aesthetic appeal. Additionally, the inclusion of a gig bag with the guitar offers convenience and protection for musicians on the go, ensuring that this signature model can be transported safely to gigs, rehearsals, or recording sessions.

This Kramer Baretta is more than just an instrument; it's a piece of rock history that offers players a slice of the high-energy, riff-heavy sound that defined an era. With its powerful pickups, comfortable playability, and rock-solid reliability, it's designed to meet the demands of today's musicians while paying homage to a legendary guitarist. Whether you're a fan of Dave "Snake" Sabo and Skid Row, a collector of signature models, or a guitarist in search of a distinctive and capable instrument, the 2021 Kramer Baretta Dave "Snake" Sabo Signature Model delivers on all fronts.


  • 100% original condition with no modifications, preserving its authenticity and collector's value.

  • Freshly setup and restrung with low action for superior playability and comfort.

  • Missing back plate, a minor cosmetic issue that does not affect the guitar's performance.

  • Includes a gig bag for easy transportation and protection of the instrument.

  • A signature model that captures the spirit and tone of Dave "Snake" Sabo's legendary guitar work.

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