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2022 Epiphone Les Paul - Slash Signature Model Victoria Goldtop w/ OHSC


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The 2022 Epiphone Les Paul Slash "Victoria" Signature Model Goldtop is a striking instrument that combines the legendary appeal of a Les Paul with the distinctive touch of Slash, one of rock's most iconic guitarists. This particular model boasts "low miles," indicating it has been gently used with no signs of abuse, ensuring it remains in excellent condition for its next owner. The guitar has been meticulously set up and restrung by our Pro Shop guaranteeing it plays as well as it looks, with optimal action and fresh strings ready for performance or recording.

While this guitar remains 100% original in most respects, it has been tastefully modified with the addition of chrome pickup covers. This subtle change enhances the guitar's aesthetic, giving it a classic look that complements the Goldtop finish beautifully. The chrome pickup covers not only add to the visual appeal but also subtly influence the tonal characteristics of the guitar, offering a slightly smoother top end that many players find desirable.

Included with this exquisite instrument is the original Slash case, providing robust protection and making it easy for the new owner to transport this piece of musical art. The case also underscores the collectibility of the guitar, ensuring that it remains a treasured item for years to come.

The Epiphone Les Paul Slash "Victoria" Signature Model Goldtop is more than just a guitar; it's a statement piece that embodies the spirit of rock 'n' roll. With its low action, fresh strings, and unique visual modifications, it stands ready to inspire new music, whether on stage, in the studio, or in a private collection.


  • Low miles and no signs of abuse, indicating careful use and maintenance.
  • Professionally set up and restrung, ensuring optimal playability right out of the box.
  • Chrome pickup covers added, enhancing the guitar's visual appeal and slightly influencing its tonal character.
  • Includes the original Slash case, offering protection and adding to the guitar's collectibility.
  • A unique blend of Epiphone quality and Slash's iconic style, making it a desirable instrument for fans and players alike.
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