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Hunter Amplifiers - "The Keno-Verb" - One-of-a-kind Custom 2x12" Tube Combo Amp w/ Reverb & Tremolo


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Another incredible one-off amp from Hunter Amplifiers! 

Check out these specs and info direct from Bob:

"The Keno-Verb combo is Hunter Amplifiers' one-of-kind treatment of the famous Princeton Reverb - but with a few improvements. It has a single channel with two inputs, one of which has a slightly higher impedance to best match your guitar or pedal-board output. In addition to gain, treble, and bass controls, there is a master volume control and a two-position NFB (negative feedback) selector. The NFB switch allows you to choose between NFB levels commonly found in either Fender or Marshall amps. It's a subtle but useful adjustment. 

It has an amazing-sounding reverb with level and dwell controls and a bias-modulating tremolo with intensity and speed controls. Optional footswitches can switch both the reverb and tremolo. 

The combo is fitted in a rugged 2x12 cabinet that originally housed a solid-state Crate amplifier. However, I discarded the original printed circuit board. I replaced it with a new hand-punched and hand-wired eyelet board, and I punched the original steel chassis to mount seven vacuum tubes:

  • A vintage NOS US-made 5U4GB rectifier.
  • Three new JJ 12AX7 tubes for the pre-amp and phase-inverter.
  • A vintage NOS US-made 12AT7 to drive the reverb.
  • A pair of new JJ 6V6GT power tubes providing 15 watts of power to a pair of Celestion 12-inch Seventy-80 16-ohm speakers.

I used high-quality components throughout, including;  

  • New Weber and Fender transformers
  • A new full-sized Accutronics reverb tank
  • Switchcraft jacks
  • Belton tube sockets 
  • Alpha and CTS potentiometers
  • F&T, Sprague, and Mallory capacitors

It's a professional-grade amplifier that will work on stage or in the studio, and thanks to the master volume, it'll make a great "bedroom" amp, too!"


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