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Aquila 6-String Ukulele Strings - Guitelele, Guitarlele, Guilele, and others!


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Designed for 6-string guitar/ukulele hybrids with a scale length of about 17 inches (432 mm). Aquila 96C New Nylgut guilele strings offer the authentic warm sound so characteristic of natural gut strings.


String        Gauge               Material

1-  a          .62mm/.024in    SuperNylgut 

2-  e          .76mm/.029in    SuperNylgut

3-  c          .90mm/.035in    SuperNylgut

4-  G          .54mm/.021in   Silverplated Copper Wound    

5-  D          .68mm/.026in   Silverplated Copper Wound 

6-  A          .91mm/.035in   Silverplated Copper Wound

This set of strings is a perfect fit for the Kala Guitelele models. 

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