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Bass Buddy Thumb Rest System for U-Bass, Electric, and Acoustic Basses - 3 Pack -

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The Bass Buddy Thumb Rest System consists of three stick-on thumb rests. It can be placed anywhere on your instrument for fixed reference points for your thumb, and provides greater playing accuracy and speed, more versatility in the sounds you get from your bass, and a reduction in playing fatigue. Using one close to the bridge gives you an extra-bright "twangy" sound, at the center for more normal playing, and a third one close to the neck for that extra full sound. They can be mounted anywhere on the instrument body that suits your playing style. Furthermore, a specially developed adhesive holds them firmly in place even under heavy play.
  • Increases Playing Comfort
  • 3x Thumb Rests
  • Stick-On Adhesive Holds Firmly
  • Fixed Reference Points for Thumb
  • Reduces Playing Fatigue
We mostly see these installed on U-Basses, but they work great on Electric basses like Jazz, Precision, Mustang and more!  No drilling! 
Made in USA! 

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