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Carl Martin - Hydra Boost Pedal - Black

Carl Martin

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The classic! You NEED a Hydra! This one is 100% stock and unmodified, and it functions absolutely perfectly!


The purpose of a boost pedal is to make the signal louder.  The secret of a boost pedal is to make the signal louder without adding or taking away anything from the sound you are boosting.... The magical aspect of the Hydra Boost is that it manages up to 15dB boost on virtually any instrument cleanly and transparently.  From piezo to high gain humbuckers, the Hydra Boost does it's job....period!  High quality parts, simple on/off switch (with led indicator), a chicken head boost control and a compact size are only a few of the reasons you need a Carl Martin Hydra Boost on your pedalboard!  Well done Carl!

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