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1996 Fender Standard Series Stratocaster - MIM Dakota Red Strat


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For your consideration, a quite tastefully modified 1996 Fender Standard Strat in Dakota Red! We like the kind of upgrades that add to the overall performance of a guitar...small tweaks and enhancements here and there that come together to make a monster playing and sounding instrument. That's this Strat!

Made in 1996, which is the first year that the "Squier Series" decals were dropped from the Mexican-made Standard Strats. The early Mexican Fenders are a true bargain for the price, and look at how much they have increased in value in the last few years. they are getting harder to find! 

Let's talk about upgrades!

This Strat has locking tuners installed (old mounting holes are visible), a pair of roller string trees, a bone nut, a brass sustain block, and brass saddles. All of those components were chosen with sustain, durability, and tuning stability in mind. The bridge floats nicely and stays in tune fantastic. The underside of the pickguard has been shielded. Here's the best part:  this Strat is LOADED with high-quality electronic components!  The pickups are Fender Custom Shop '69 matching set, wired to USA CTS pots, Spraque Orange-drop capacitors, and a Freeway 10-position switch! The switch is pretty works like a regular 5-way Strat switch with the 5 standard Strat sounds, but the lever can be clicked up into the second position, which has 5 more pickup combinations like all 3 on at once, outside coils, and series/parallel combos. This one is a tone monster!  The aged plastics looks killer on this guitar!

The neck is straight, fretwear is minimal and not affecting playability or intonation, the truss rod works in both directions. No cracks, no refinished spots, no signs of previous repairs or signs of abuse. There are a few bumps and bruises, but for a 27 year old guitar, it's rather clean. 

Freshly setup and restrung, this one is ready to rock. 

No case is included. 

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