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Hunter Amplifiers - 3.5 Watt Tube Amp built into a 1942 GE Radio

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This little cutie is an American walnut art-deco 1942 General Electric Model L-660 table radio that has been repurposed as a little table-top tube amp. The amp is completely point-to-point hand wired and is roughly based on that little one-knobber from the '50s that is so popular. This amp has only one control - a volume knob that doubles as a power switch, and one input. It's in a custom hand-punched aluminum chassis and uses high quality components, including a vintage power transformer, a Hammond output transformer, and Switchcraft plug and jacks. It uses a compliment of three tubes, a 12AX7 preamp tube, a 6X4 rectifier tube and a 6BK5 pentode power tube capable of 3.5 watts powering a vintage alnico Fischer speaker. It sounds cool playing through the built-in speaker, but it sounds great playing through any 4-ohm cabinet. It's "only" 3.5-watts, but it's plenty loud enough for practice or recording. Plugged into a larger cabinet it's loud enough for a small venue or a living-room jam session. Finally, it is wired with an IEC three-wire grounded power input plug so you don't have to be afraid you'll electrocute yourself every time you touch your strings. No transistors or semiconductors were used ensuring a completely authentic vintage tube sound. You can be sure you'll be the only kid on your block with one of these! Hunter Amplifiers are 100% handmade in the US! 

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