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Hunter Amplifiers - "5 Lbs, of Iron" - Tube Amp Head - Supro Influenced - Western Tooled

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Another insanely cool one-of-a-kind creation from the laboratory at Hunter Amplifiers! This is a mean little amp and it is absolutely oozing with coolness! As always, no kits were used, this is 100% hand-sourced and curated for this specific amp. Handmade right here in South Central Kentucky! 
Notes from the builder:  
"5 pounds of Iron" This little head, based on Supro's Super Six Model S6606, can make a big noise. The 1960s combo amp from which I borrowed the circuit came with a tiny 6-inch speaker or a slightly better 8-inch speaker. But this head can be plugged into any 8-ohm cabinet, and believe me, it makes a giant sound that will surprise you! It is built around a WWII surplus power transformer that is honestly bigger and heavier than it needs to be and easily weighs 5 pounds. That's where the amp gets its name. It uses a 5Y3 rectifier tube, a 12AX7 preamp tube, and a 6V6GT power tube. It is entirely hand-wired in a hand-punched aluminum chassis mounted in a hand-made pine cabinet covered in a western "hand-tooled" Tolex. It has only two controls; volume and tone. The two inputs (high and low impedance) and the speaker output jack are all high-quality Switchcraft parts. It has a standard grounded IEC power input (for 120V), so there is no need to fear electrocution every time you touch your strings.

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