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Hunter Amplifiers - Blue Jean Baby - Denim 6-watt Small Handmade Tube Combo Amp

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What's clad in denim, sounds incredible, and was built with love?  

This little guy!  Meet the Blue Jean Baby, another handmade one-off tube amp from the mad scientist at Hunter Amplifiers!  Inspired by a 1965ish Kalamazoo Model 1, but scaled back to the size and control layout of an early Fender Champ. 

This amp is a blast to play through! It has a spanky tone and crisp clarity with less breakup than you normally get with amps of this size. It breaks up, but still stays clear and chimey. Any boost or overdrive pedal in front of it really elevates what it can do and adding a touch of slapback makes a mean honky-tonk twangy setup. It's the perfect size for jamming it home, travel use, or even recording. 

Each Hunter Amplifier is built from scratch - there are no kits here! The schematic is hand drawn, the components are curated, and everything is soldered point-to-point, the old way. Made right here in Southern Kentucky! 

Notes from the builder:  "It's a single-ended 6W amp based on a 7025 preamp tube and an EL84 power tube and based more on the midwest amps of the 1960s than the west coast amps of the period. Kind of, "what if there were a 'Champ' version of a Kalamazoo Model 1?" The amp was built using a Hammond power transformer powering a solid-state power supply in a Hammond aluminum chassis. All wiring is point-to-point with high-quality components, including F&T and Mallory capacitors, Switchcraft jack and plug, and new tubes. (Electro Harmonix 7025 and JJ EL84.) It's driving a vintage 1965 Quam 6" Alnico speaker. The amp is housed in a pine dowel-joined cabinet covered in imperfect blue denim with steel corners, rubber feet, and a comfortable stitched handle."

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