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Hunter Amplifiers - Keno Deluxe - 15-watts 1482 6V6 Tremolo Tube Combo

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Another fantastic one-off amp from Hunter Amplifiers! This one is inspired by the Valco/ Silvertone 1482 amplifier, also known as the "poor man's Fender Deluxe".  The 1482 was 15 watts of dual 6V6 power, two channels, and a super warm and thick pentode-driven tremolo, making for a killer little amp. As with all Hunter Amplifiers, no kits were used, this is 100% handmade, handsourced, and a unique circuit. Truly a one-of-a-kind amp, handmade right here in South Central Kentucky! 

Some notes from the builder:
"So, the Keno Deluxe has two independent channels but with Fender's input scheme of a "Normal" channel and a "Bright" channel, both with two inputs. A high-level input and low-level input. Each channel has a tone control, and both channels have a gain boost switch. There is also a switch between the Normal and Bright channel inputs that sends the input from the normal channel to both channels (disabling the bright inputs) and allows the player to blend the two channels to tailor the sound that is fed to the power tubes. The bright channel is still "bright," and the gain boosts still operate independently. There are myriad combinations of tone and boost possible. Needless to say that using the combination of both channels allows for a really powerful overdriven sound being sent to the Jensen 12-inch Mod speaker. It's all in a finger-jointed pine cabinet covered in snazzy Tolex reminiscent of early British amps. It's only 18x15x8" and easy on the back at less than 19 lbs."
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