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Hunter Amplifiers - Keno-Vibe Deluxe - AB763 Tube Amp Head

Hunter Amplifiers

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Yet another kickass creation from the workshop at Hunter Amplifiers in nearby Keno, KY! These amps are 100% built from scratch by a single person. The same guy who draws the schematic, cuts the lumber, and wraps the Tolex. A true one-man-tube-amp building operation, which is a lost art. No kits were used, and this amp is not a clone of some other already known amp. This amp is the first ever Keno-Vibe Deluxe, a fresh take on the top-selling Kenoverb combo amp. 

The Keno-Vibe Deluxe is a single-channel 20-watt tube amplifier with a preamp, phase-inverter, and power amp section based on the Deluxe AB763 circuit of Fender Blackface fame. It features a fantastic harmonic "Tremolo" borrowed from the Brown 1962 Fender 6G5A Pro Amp, which uses two 12AX7 tubes and a phase splitter to create a rich modulation effect that affects the distortion and feedback of the power tubes. This is a mostly clean amp that will break up with the sweetest and smoothest drive if needed. The amp shines when used for all sorts of styles, but is really strong in the soulful and surfy categories. 

It boasts the following technical specifications:

  • Power Output: 20 Watts 
  • Output Tubes: 2 - 6V6GT
  • Preamp Tubes: 4 - 12AX7, 1 - 12AT7 
  • Rectifier: Solid-State
  • High and Low-level inputs
  • Controls: Volume, Treble, Bass, Speed. Intensity, Ubiety, Standby, Power. 
  • Speaker jack connection (8 Ω)
  • Tremolo footswitch plug (RCA)
  • Solid pine hand-built cabinet

This one, the first ever of this model, is clad in gray-ish silver-ish Tolex with a red accent panel. Sharp! 

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