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Hunter Amplifiers - Snakebite - 5F1 Champ - Tube Combo - Green Snakeskin

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Some of my favorite days at the guitar shop are when Bob walks in with another one-off creation. This week, he walked in with this tiny giant, the Snakebite! This little guy sounds awesome and looks tough while doing it. This was not a build from a kit, this is a hand-sourced curated custom build, made by hand right here in southern Kentucky. 

A few words from the wizard himself:

The Pine Box 5F1 Champ. True to the original Fender design, it is entirely hand-built and hand-wired. I even punched the holes for the tube sockets in the aluminum chassis and made the eyelet board upon which the circuit is wired. No "kit" amp here. I used MOD and Mallory capacitors, Switchcraft input jacks, a Pure Tone® output jack, and a 1960s vintage U.S.-manufactured EPCO power transformer. The amp powers a new Jensen C8R8 25-watt/ 8-ohm speaker. The cabinet is dowel-joined 3/4" New Zealand pine covered in snazzy green python tolex with black powder-coated steel corners, a comfortable stitched handle and four little rubber feet. It measures 11½" x 12½" x 7¼" and weighs in at about 14 lbs. The very model of simplicity, this amp has but one knob that acts as the volume control and power switch, two inputs (high and low impedance), and a vintage Dialco pilot light. It's "only" 5 watts, but it's plenty loud enough for most small venues and perfect for practice or recording. It uses three tubes: a new Electro-Harmonix 7205 (12AX7) preamp tube, a new Tung-Sol 6V6GT power tube, and a NOS 6X4WA rectifier tube. Finally, it is wired with a three-wire grounded power input plug cord, so you need not fear electrocution every time you touch your strings. I used no transistors or semiconductors, ensuring a completely authentic vintage sound.

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