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Hunter "Keno Chump" - 5F1 Champ Inspired Handmade Tube Combo Amp

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Hunter Amplifiers brings us another ridiculously cool handmade amplifier! These rad one-off amps are truly unique creations - no kits or pre-fabbed bits here, the components are all hand-sourced and picked with great tone and long life in mind. The circuits are hand-drawn, and Bob even cuts the wood panels himself. This is a one man operation, putting out cool amp after cool amp after cool amp!

Notes from the builder:

"While it's based closely on a 5F1 Champ, the "Keno Chump" is point-to-point wired (no eyelet board) and designed to use Loctal tubes instead of the "standard" trio. Loctal tubes were made from the 1930s through the early 1960s for the automotive and aircraft industries. They have locking bases, and they were specially constructed to withstand vibration and shock. The 7F7, 7C5, and 5AZ4 NOS US-made tubes are still readily available and cost less combined than a new JJ 6V6S costs today. I built it with a Hammond power transformer, polystyrene coupling caps, Mod filter caps, and Switchcraft jacks. The 5-watt amplifier powers a Weber Classic Alnico 8-inch speaker mounted in a hand-built, dowel-joined, and Tolex-covered pine cabinet with steel corners and rubber feet. 7" x 10½" x 13"

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