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1965 Kawai Noble MIJ Electric Guitar - Japan


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The 1965 Kawai-built Noble electric guitar is a rare gem, made in Japan and imported to a distributor in Chicago. This vintage piece is a collector's dream, as it remains 100% original with the exception of a custom-made replacement tremolo arm and a tapered Maple neck shim added to ensure low action for effortless playing. The guitar boasts fully functional and original electronics, a standout feature given the age of the instrument, including the often delicate rocker switches. The tuners remain original, adding to the authenticity of this classic guitar. It is evident that this guitar has been well-cared for, with a straight neck, a functional truss rod that operates in both directions, and no signs of abuse, making it a rare find for any enthusiast or performer.


  1. Vintage 1965 Kawai Noble electric guitar, a rare and sought-after model.
  2. Custom-made tremolo arm and tapered Maple neck shim for optimal playability.
  3. Fully functional and original electronics, including delicate rocker switches.
  4. Original tuners adding to the authenticity of the instrument.
  5. Well-maintained with a straight neck, functional truss rod, and no signs of abuse, ensuring long-lasting playability and enjoyment.
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