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Laney - LFR-112 FRFR - Powered Speaker Cabinet


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Introducing the Laney LFR range, a revolutionary solution tailored for the modern guitar player who embraces the world of plugins, profiling, and modelling. Designed specifically for the generation Alpha guitarists who seek limitless creative possibilities, the LFR cabinets offer full-range, flat response, and incredible power to amplify your digital guitar rig with unmatched clarity and precision.


In this digital era, the possibilities for guitar tone and effects are boundless. With the Laney LFR cabinets, you have the freedom to explore an astonishing array of exceptional-sounding amplifiers, cabinets, and effects combinations that were once mere dreams for guitarists.

Now, you can take your digital guitar rig anywhere, from the recording studio to the live stage. But to truly unleash the potential of your rig, you need a cabinet that can deliver your meticulously crafted tones to you and your audience in all their glory.


The LFR-112 is a true powerhouse, designed to be easily transportable whilst moving masses of air and faithfully reproducing the varied tones of your digital guitar setup with unparalleled precision. Equipped with a custom-voiced 12" driver and a 1" LaVoce Compression driver, this cabinet delivers a detailed, precise, and full-range response without any unwanted coloration. Whether you're crafting soaring leads or thunderous rhythms, the LFR-112 ensures your sound cuts through the mix with pristine clarity and definition.


The LFR cabinets are built to meet the demands of the modern guitarist. With full frequency flat response, these cabinets faithfully recreate your studio sound in a live setting, delivering your signature tones without any additional tonal colouring. The switchable cabinet emulation allows you to add the frequency characteristics of your preferred cabinet to your DI-signal, eliminating the need for mic-ing a physical cabinet and giving you unparalleled flexibility.

The digital realm opens up a gateway to unlimited possibilities for your guitar rig. The Laney LFR cabinets are the key that unlocks this world of awe-inspiring amplifiers, cabs, and effects that were once unimaginable. Whether you're in the studio or on stage, the LFR series provides the freedom to amplify your creativity like never before.

Let's take a closer look at the LFR-112, the epitome of power and precision. Equipped with custom voiced 12" driver and a cutting-edge 1" LaVoce Compression driver, this cabinet flawlessly reproduces every nuance of your digital guitar setup with unparalleled detail and accuracy. From soaring leads to thunderous rhythms, the LFR-112 ensures your sound shines through the mix, captivating both players and audiences alike.

The Laney LFR cabinets come packed with features to enhance your performance and provide the ultimate versatility. Enjoy the convenience of MP3/Aux in, XLR DI out for seamless connectivity, ergonomic side mount grab handles for easy transport, and 400 Watts of sheer power to handle any stage. The XLR/Jack combi sockets ensure compatibility with various equipment setups, while the switchable front illumination adds a touch of style to your performance. With a single channel and HF Trim control, you have full control over your tone, allowing you to shape your sound to perfection. Step into the realm of limitless possibilities with the Laney LFR range. Unleash your creativity and let your digital guitar rig shine with unparalleled fidelity and power. It's time to amplify your passion and take your music to new heights.

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