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NOS Supro 1296AN Natural Silverwood Reissue


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The Supro 1296AN Silverwood Reissue in Natural is a stunning example of classic design meeting modern craftsmanship. This New Old Stock (NOS) instrument resurrects the vintage charm and tonal prowess of the original Silverwood models, offering players a slice of musical history with the reliability and playability of a contemporary guitar. The natural finish beautifully showcases the wood's grain, giving the guitar an organic, timeless aesthetic that appeals to both vintage enthusiasts and modern players.

As a reissue, the Supro 1296AN Silverwood pays meticulous attention to detail, replicating the unique features that made the original Silverwood a sought-after instrument. From its distinctive body shape to its choice of tonewoods, this guitar is designed to deliver both visually and sonically. The natural finish not only enhances its visual appeal but also contributes to the guitar's resonance and tonal clarity, making it a versatile instrument suitable for a wide range of musical styles.

Being brand new and NOS, this guitar comes to you in pristine condition, untouched and ready to make its mark. Whether you're a collector looking for a piece with vintage vibes or a player seeking a unique instrument with exceptional sound quality, the Supro 1296AN Silverwood Reissue in Natural is a perfect choice. It represents a rare opportunity to own a piece of reissued history, combining the best of past and present in one beautifully crafted instrument.


  • Brand new, NOS condition, ensuring pristine quality and untouched authenticity.
  • Natural finish that beautifully showcases the wood grain, enhancing the guitar's aesthetic appeal.
  • Faithful reissue of the classic Silverwood model, offering vintage charm with modern reliability.
  • Versatile tonal capabilities, suitable for a wide range of musical styles.
  • A unique addition to any collection, appealing to both vintage enthusiasts and contemporary players.

The Supro Amp shown is not included, but we are an Authorized Supro Dealer and ship for FREE in the US if you are looking for one!

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