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1927 Paramount Style 1 Banjo - 4-String Tenor - w/ Case


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The 1927 Paramount Style 1 Tenor Banjo is a rare vintage find that exudes character and history. It's a survivor! This 4-string banjo remains 100% original aside from a changed head a long time ago. There are a few places where the neck binding has been glued back in place, but nothing abnormal for an instrument of this age. There is a short piece of binding missing from the rear resonator. Otherwise, this banjo is intact, and shows no signs of abuse or bad repairs.  Professionally set up and restrung, this banjo offers low action and a straight neck for optimal playability. Known for its loud, bright, and aggressive sound, this instrument was still being used for gigs until recently, showcasing its enduring quality and performance. The banjo comes with its original hardshell case and a really old strap. Both serial numbers matching to 1927 further confirm the instrument's heritage and making it a prized possession for collectors and players alike.
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