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1955 Harmony - Roy Smeck Flattop - Acoustic w/ Case


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The 1955 Harmony Roy Smeck Flattop guitar is a rare and highly sought-after model, produced only for a single year and never featured in Harmony catalogs or price lists, adding to its exclusivity. While the exact production numbers remain unknown, this guitar is considered a scarce find due to its limited availability. It has undergone an older professional neck reset and bridge reglue, ensuring optimal playability. The straight neck and minimal fretwear, carefully intonated bone saddle, and replaced tuners all contribute to improved performance and sound quality. Despite some minor top and back cracks that have been reglued in common areas, there are no signs of abuse, only authentic playwear. The stunning lacquer checking in the piano black finish adds to its vintage appeal, and the low action with plenty of saddle height provides a nice playing experience. This exceptional guitar comes with a nice case for added protection and convenience.


  1. Rare 1955 Harmony Roy Smeck Flattop model, produced for only one year and not featured in catalogs.
  2. Professional neck reset and bridge reglue for optimal playability.
  3. Straight neck, minimal fretwear, replaced tuners, and intonated bone saddle for improved performance.
  4. Authentic playwear with lacquer checking in the piano black finish for a vintage aesthetic.
  5. Includes a nice case for storage and protection, making it a valuable addition to any collection.
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