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2012 Kentucky KM-161 Mandolin - Black - w/ Hardshell Case


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The 2012 Kentucky KM-161 Mandolin in Black is a beautifully crafted instrument that offers exceptional sound and playability. This mandolin is 100% original, with no modifications or repairs, ensuring it retains its authentic character and quality. The sleek black finish gives it a classic and elegant look, making it a standout piece for any mandolin player or collector.

Freshly setup and restrung, the KM-161 features low action for comfortable playability and a great sound that is both rich and resonant. Whether you're playing bluegrass, folk, or any other genre, this mandolin delivers a versatile and dynamic tone. It also comes with a hardshell case, providing excellent protection and making it easy to transport. Ready to play right out of the case, this mandolin is perfect for both beginners and seasoned players alike.


  • 100% original with no modifications or repairs
  • Sleek black finish for a classic and elegant look
  • Freshly setup and restrung with low action
  • Rich and resonant sound suitable for various genres
  • Includes a hardshell case for excellent protection and easy transport
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