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Used Mesa/Boogie Heartbreaker 100w Head


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For your consideration, a monstrous Mesa/Boogie Heartbreaker 100-watt amp head!

This amp is a rock machine - it's hard to find a bad sound on this one! The amp is 100% stock with no mods or repairs. There is a tape residue stripe on top of the amp, but otherwise it is quite clean and showing minimal signs of use. The amp has been fully tested and works perfectly. No footswitch is included. 

Here's a review for those of you not familiar with these jems:


Mesa Boogie has carved out their niche in the modern hard rock scene with the ultra high gain Rectifier series amplifiers. But let's not forget that they have been used and are still used by artists such as Carlos Santana, Larry Carlton, Boz Scaggs, Charlie Daniels, Lindsey Buckingham, and many others who have more of a clean, slightly edgy, or moderate gain sound. The Mesa Heartbreaker is meant for those who prefer the old Mark I tone, and old Fender Blackface tone, a Marshall Plexi tone, or a boutique style amp tone. Like all Mesa/Boogies, this amp has an all tube preamp and power amp.

You can run all four tubes for full power (100 watts) or two tubes for half power (50 watts). There is a bias switch so you can run either 6L6's or 6V6's one one setting or EL34's on the other. If you use the 6V6's the power output is decreased. With either 6L6's or EL34's you will have the full 100/50 watts. Please be advised that if you run EL34's you have to run the solid state rectifier or you might damage the amp.

The versatility of the amp is further enhanced by the option of using either a tube rectifier or a solid-state rectifier. With the tube rectifier the amp is not quite as loud.

There are two preamp channels named Love and Lust. The love channel can be set to sound like an old Fender Twin in the low gain setting. Switch to the high gain setting and it takes on the character of an old Fender that has been hot rodded. Turn on the boost switch and the Heartbreaker sounds just like an old Boogie Mark I a la Carlos Santana Abraxas. Just be careful, the boost switch will dramatically increase the volume. The Lust Channel has a totally different character. In the clean setting it has a tone I really can't peg but it is full bodied and pleasing, especially with a single coil type guitar. But this channel really comes to life with the high gain switch turned on. The amp takes on a more Marshall Plexi type tone. Play with the various switches to tweak the tone to your taste.

The amp has reverb and presence and an effects loop.

The amp comes with a footswitch that will switch between the Love and Lust channels.

The bottom line with this amp is if you are looking for something with a selection of great tones then this is it. The amp is very loud and because it relies more on power amp distortion than most Boogies it is not for apartment dwellers or coffee shop gigs. This amp sounds it's best cranked.

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