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Country Singer Marty Brown Makes an Appearance - Cumberland Guitars

Country Singer Marty Brown Makes an Appearance

Community has always been really important to us here at Cumberland Guitars. We strive to maintain an environment that is open and welcoming for players of all ages and skill levels. We especially want to be a place where the next generation of musicians, who are just starting out, know that they can come hang out, ask questions, get advice, and not be judged. One of our favorite things is when these people (sometimes friends, sometimes strangers) sit down for an impromptu jam session. A lot of magical moments blossom from those gatherings!
Yesterday, we got to see this happen firsthand when some of our teenage regulars were gathered in our store playing, and Marty Brown, who was getting ready to take the stage at Lakefest, grabbed a vintage guitar off the wall and jumped in, playing and singing with them. Members of Marty’s band even helped out, quickly teaching one of the players the bass line.
Making music brings us all together, and reminds us that the love we have for it can transcend age, style, and genre. We LOVE to see this kind of support and encouragement from one generation to the next! It’s truly inspirational!
Thank you, Marty Brown!
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