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Cumberland Guitars operates a high-tech repair shop packed with the latest tools and technology. From minor repairs and regular maintenance to complete overhauls and restorations, we are ready!

Our approach to instrument repair is unique - we want to to know how you play, what music you play, and what you like and dislike about your guitar. We take that information and tweak our adjustment parameters to give you a truly personalized and custom-tailored setup that matches your preferences. Our specialty is hot-rodding! Let us help you squeeze every drop of performance out of your instrument.

Other Repairs, Services, and Customizations

In addition to the services above, we also offer custom wiring options, full restorations, period-correct modifications, custom hardware installs, neck resets, bridge reglues, crack repairs, structural wood repairs, pickup routing, vintage pickup rewinding, broken headstock repairs, hand-sculpted bone nuts and saddles, inlay repairs, full refrets, finish work, and more!

Cumberland Guitars is proud to be an ALLparts Premium Installation Partner!

Our shop depends on the repair and replacement parts from ALLPARTS.

Whether you're fixing it yourself, or having us do it for you, we've got the parts and advice that you need!

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