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Cumberland Guitars operates a high-tech repair shop packed with the latest tooling. From small repairs and maintenance to restorations and overhauls, we are ready! Our approach to repairs is unique - we want to to know how you play, what music you play, what you like and dislike about your guitar. We take that info and tweak our adjustment parameters to give you a custom setup tailored to your preferences. Our specialty is hot-rodding! Let us help you squeeze every drop of performance out of your instrument.


$20* ($8 for Ukulele)

This is a basic restring. We remove and recycle the old strings and replace them with a fresh set. New strings are put through a stretching procedure to help with tuning stability.

Recommended for instruments that are well maintained and not in need of a full setup or repair.

* Strings purchased separately.
+ $10 for guitars equipped with a locking tremolo system, 12-strings, or classical instruments.

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Standard Setup


Our standard setup includes a restring, with truss rod, bridge height, saddle height, and intonation adjustments. We also clean and hydrate the fretboard, polish frets, and clean the body and hardware.

Recommended for new instruments, guitars that need string height (action) adjusted, or when changing to a different string gauge.

* Strings purchased separately.
+ $20 for locking tremolos and 12-strings.

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The Rock Star

$120 *

Take your guitar to the spa! This package includes everything from the Standard Setup plus a precision fret level, fret dressing, electronics cleaning, hardware inspection, string contact point lubrication, deep clean & UV sanitization.

*Strings purchased separately.
+ $20 for locking tremolos and 12-strings.

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Other Repairs & Services

In addition to the services above, we also offer custom wiring options, full restorations, period-correct modifications, custom hardware installs, neck resets, bridge reglues, crack repairs, structural wood repairs, pickup routing, vintage pickup rewinding, broken headstock repairs, hand-sculpted bone nuts and saddles, inlay repairs, full refrets, finish work, and more!

Call, Chat, or Contact us with any questions. If you don't see the service you're looking for, you can book an appointment for our misc. repair services.


$35 and Up

Our appraisal services have been used by insurance companies, museums, world-class collectors, guitar pricing guides, and auction houses. We are a trusted source for authenticating vintage instruments and evaluating the current marketplace to provide accurate valuations.

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20% Flat Rate

Let us sell it for you! We'll handle the marketing, repairs, photography, payment processing, taxes, even the packing, and shipping. We work with you to set the value, sell it, and pay you immediately. Schedule a time to learn more about our consignment service.

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Schedule a time for us to view and discuss your instrument.

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