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1977 Gibson S-1 - Black - Dimarzio Super Distortion - w/ Hardshell Case


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The 1977 Gibson S-1 in Ebony is a rare and cool find. This model was only made from '74 to '80, and only 3,086 total were shipped. In 1977, only 70 were shipped and of those, only 27 were in the Ebony finish, like this one! Identified as a factory second by the headstock stamp, this guitar boasts authentic character and attitude,  While the original tuners have been replaced with reliable Grovers, the neck remains straight with functional truss rod adjustment in both directions. The bridge pickup has been upgraded to a real 1977ish Dimarzio Super Distortion humbucker, which is totally rad. If you are hip to these models, you probably already know that you cannot add a humbucker to the stock wiring without losing some functionality, so some of the positions are redundant, but they all work. You could rewire it however you like, but it sounds fine the way it is once you figure it out.  The stock layout had three single coils that all actually functioned more like one pickup with three coils, which wasn't any better than this setup, trust me. The pots dating back to '76 and the original Harmonica bridge contribute to the guitar's vintage appeal and authentic sound. Everything else appears to be original. There is the typical bolt-on neck lacquer crack on the body that always happens on these (and lots of Fenders), but it's just cosmetic. There are a fair amount of dings and dents, and paint chips and such, but it's a nearly 50 year old rock and roll machine, so who cares?  Freshly setup and restrung, this one is ready to rock. Low action, and super low stock frets are a treat to play! 

The included case is still a bit of a mystery to us. It's a old brown/pink Gibson rectangle case that fits the guitar very well, but I don't recall ever seeing an S-1 with this same case. It might also fit the RD or some other late 70's oddball models like the Marauder. If you know more about the case, we'd love to hear from you. 



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