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Hunter Amplifiers

Life is too short to play a boring amp!

We are proud to be the official retail partner for Hunter Amplifiers

The guru behind Hunter Amps is known to some as the "wizard of wiring", and we've even heard him called the "sultan of soldering" and the "titan of tubes", but to us, he is also "Bob the Builder", because he actually BUILDS his amps. In a land full of "clones", "copies", and those soul-less "build your own amp" kits, Hunter Amplifiers stands out as a truly authentic brand that makes straight up cool tube amps. 

These unique one-off amplifiers are handmade by Bob Hunter in nearby Keno, Kentucky, the hard way. Bob not only hand-sources and selects each component, he draws each unique circuit, punches his own chassis, wires everything point-to-point, saws the lumber... you get it. There is real American craftmanship and hard work put into every one of these thoughtful builds. Drawing inspiration from iconic tube amps of the past and featuring upcycled, NOS (new old stock), and "found" components, each Hunter Amplifier is built with great tone and lifelong service in mind.

Choose from our in-stock selection of Hunter Amps, or contact us for a quote on a custom build.

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