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Analog Pedals - Sugar Buzz Fuzz Pedal - Germanuim

Analog Pedals

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The latest and greatest Fuzz from our friends at Analog Pedals! This is the Sugar Buzz Fuzz, and we are stoked for the opportunity to offer this pedal to our customers! This is one of the smoothest and most musical sounding fuzzes we have ever played through! 

Info from the manufacturer:

Fuzz pedals are one of the earliest forms of effects. Classic guitarist like Jimi Hendrix (Fuzz Face) and Jimmy Page (Tone Bender) brought the fuzz pedals to popularity in the late 60's. Fuzz showed back up in the 90's with Eric Johnson bringing back the classic Fuzz Face. Now days, there are a ton of pedal company's making fuzz pedals. Here at Analog Pedals, we like to bring you the classic, hand made circuits of old. Our circuit boards are etched, drilled and put together by hand. Only using the finest, hand picked and matched germanium and silicon transistors to give you the perfect fuzz pedal. The Sugar Buzz is a beast of a fuzz pedal! Based around the Tone Bender circuit, the Sugar Buzz incorporates three 60's NOS germanium 2N169 NPN transistors. So you can plug this one in with all your other effects.

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