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The Wolf Creek Wailer - Modified Cry Baby Wah-Wah Pedal - Cumberland Guitars / Analog Pedals

Cumberland Guitars

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5/30/24 UPDATE ---- THIS IS A PRE-ORDER PAGE FOR THE BATCH OF ONLY FIVE PEDALS COMING AVAILABLE IN JUNE/JULY OF 2024 - Once they sell out, we will not be taking pre-orders until the next batch, which will not be until late 2024 or early 2025. This pedal ships for FREE in the US, and is also available for pickup in our Kentucky showroom. All purchasers will be notified when their pedal has shipped or is ready for pickup. We are thrilled by the success and feedback received from this pedal and truly appreciate your support! Thank you, Mark @ CG

Cumberland Guitars is excited to announce our newest pedal collaboration with Analog Pedals: The Wolf Creek Wailer: Best Dam Wah-Wah!

Each one of these builds starts with a brand new Dunlop GCB95 "Original" Cry Baby. The original Cry Baby model is the industry standard wah pedal that all others are judged against. It's a fine pedal, but many popular modifications and upgrades have surfaced over the years that help fine-tune this pedal. What we aim to deliver with The Wolf Creek Wailer is a traditionally-voiced pedal with more pronounced vowel-like vocal qualities and just a sweeter and smoother overall sound. The recipe we use to elevate this Cry Baby is based off of many years of tinkering with pedals and searching for the best and most versatile combination of mods and upgrades. 

Each pedal is modified by Jeff at Analog Pedals, a true master of effects pedals, and includes a 1-year warranty. You can mail him a Cry Baby to have these mods or other mods performed, but this version with our Wolf Creek Wailer badges is exclusively sold through Cumberland Guitars. 

The factory Cry Baby badge that was removed to make room for a Wolf Creek Wailer label is included, as well as all of the original Cry Baby paperwork, packaging, and stickers from Analog Pedals, Cumberland Guitars, and Cry Baby. 

So, what's with the name?  Our shop is just minutes from beautiful Lake Cumberland and Wolf Creek Dam. Fun Fact: this dam is the 25th largest in the US. If you are coming to town to check out our shop, we recommend taking a quick drive down to the lake and dam. 


True Bypass Modification - When a stock Cry Baby is "OFF", part of the guitar signal is still routed through some of the electronic components, which leads to the dreaded "Tone Suck". There are plenty of great non-true-bypass pedals on the market, but we find that the signal path through an "OFF" Cry Baby eats away some of the clarity and presence. When your Wolf Creek Wailer is "OFF", it is truly out of your signal chain and not coloring your tone. 

Buffer Section Removed - The stock GCB95 has an input buffer section to give a signal boost, mostly to help push your guitar input through those extra components that are never truly "OFF". This buffer has been removed on The Wolf Creek Wailer. 

Indicator LED - The stock GCB95 has no visual indicator that it "ON". The Wolf Creek Wailer has an added bright blue LED to give you (and your guitar tech) clear visual confirmation that the pedal is engaged. 

"Trash Can" Inductor - The inductor is where most of the magic is really happening inside a wah-wah pedal. It's the glue that makes all other modifications and upgrades work in harmony. For The Wolf Creek Wailer, the stock inductor has been removed and replaced with a "Trash Can" inductor that was hand-wound by Joe Gagan, the Wizard of Wah pedals! 

Gain Modification - to overcome the loss of the input buffer, a slight gain boost was performed downstream to give this pedal a slightly hotter output. 

Mid Freq/Q-Modification - For lack of a better term, the "sweet spot" of this wah has been modified for a more pronounced peak and mid-range punch. It has that "quack" that we're all chasing. 

Vocal Modification - The Wolf Creek Wailer was modded to have a more vocal-like quality. Some of the harsher frequencies have been tamed, resulting in a more usable and pleasant vowel sound. 

Lower Range Modification - The whole travel range of this pedal was shifted a bit lower for fatter bass presence and less of the high-end icepick-like sounds that plague so many wah pedals on the market.
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