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1920s Regal Parlor Guitar - Refinished - V-Neck - Slotted Headstock - Sounds GREAT!


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The 1920s Regal Parlor Acoustic Guitar is a vintage gem with a rich history and unique character. This guitar, although refinished, boasts features like a slotted headstock and a V-neck profile that are emblematic of instruments from that era. While it has seen some modifications like a modern Martin-style bridge and a old but not original finish, the guitar has been thoughtfully maintained to retain its playability and tonal quality. The original tuners work great, but the "G" string tuner button was replaced with a small metal tab. Normally, we would replace it with a correct-looking button, but it actually works pretty well and adds to the character and charm of the guitar, so we left it as-is. The guitar has had a few repairs, but nothing abnormal for how old it is. The back and sides have been reglued in a few spots, but again, nothing abnormal on a 100+ year old instrument. Intonation is excellent, thanks to the properly located and secure bridge. The guitar has undergone some repair work, including regluing the top center seam and rear crack, with visible signs of aging. Despite these repairs, the guitar sounds great, resonating with the warmth and richness of its vintage craftsmanship. Retaining all of its original frets, except for the last one, adds to its authenticity, making this Regal Parlor Acoustic a classic piece worth treasuring for its history and musical charm. It's a blast to play! The neck angle is correct, all braces are intact, and the guitar has been freshly setup and restrung. Low action and the early parlor guitar sound we're all chasing! 

An old chipboard case with a crudely replaced handle is included. 

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