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1925 Gibson L-JR Archtop Acoustic


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The 1925 Gibson L-JR is a unique and rare model that is often considered the less ornate sibling to the Gibson L-1, available only from 1919 to 1926. Over the years, this guitar has seen typical modifications associated with its age, including a refinished burst pattern and replacements for tuner buttons, nut, and bridge/saddle featuring an intonated bone saddle for enhanced playability. While the original tailpiece may still be intact, it has been repainted along with a newer pickguard and screws, indicating some restorative work. It appears this was an older refresh, The finish is nicely aged and seems to have done it naturally, by being played.  Despite its age, this instrument boasts a sturdy build, with a surprisingly thick Spruce top and a robust body, giving it a tank-like quality. The reglued crack on the top and repaired back center seam ensure structural soundness, enhancing longevity. With a straight neck, comfortable low action, and a hauntingly dark sound with a satisfying growl, this guitar offers a distinctive and enjoyable playing experience. In its Player's Grade condition, this incredibly rare model radiates character and charm. Although it displays signs of wear, such as a weathered interior label and some refinishing blemishes, the 1925 Gibson L-JR remains fully playable, delivering a sound quality that exceeds expectations. An old chipboard case is included, but we don't think it is original to the guitar. 

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