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1936-1938 Slingerland Songster Model 81 - Archtop Acoustic - Blonde


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The 1936-1938 Slingerland Songster Model 81 Archtop Acoustic represents a pinnacle of American musical craftsmanship from the golden age of archtop guitars. This exquisite instrument, fully playable and primed for enjoyment, showcases the unparalleled sound quality that only an early American-made Archtop can provide. The Slingerland brand, while renowned for its percussion instruments, also made significant contributions to the guitar world during the 1930s. The Songster Model 81 is a prime example of their dedication to producing instruments of high quality and distinctive sound. This particular guitar has been lovingly restored, with all the common issues that typically affect vintage archtops, such as neck resets and seam separations, professionally addressed. The result is a guitar that not only retains its historical integrity but also meets the demands of modern playability. Replaced tuners and tailpiece on this one. The neck angle is correct, but there is a slight gap at the bottom of the heel. The neck is secure, this joint is not opening up anytime soon. 

The guitar features a solid Spruce top and laminated Maple back and sides, a combination that contributes to its rich, resonant tone and stunning visual appeal. The wood grain is particularly noteworthy, adding to the instrument's overall aesthetic charm. The neck of the guitar is straight, ensuring low action and a comfortable playing experience across the fretboard. It has recently undergone a fresh setup, including new strings, to guarantee that it plays beautifully right out of the case. Speaking of which, this piece of musical history comes with its case, providing protection and making it easy for the new owner to transport this treasure. Whether you're a collector of vintage instruments, a professional musician seeking a unique sound, or an enthusiast of American musical heritage, the Slingerland Songster Model 81 Archtop Acoustic is a remarkable find that offers both historical significance and outstanding musical performance.


  • Early American-made Archtop acoustic guitar, built between 1936-1938.
  • Professionally addressed common vintage issues, including a neck reset and reglued seams, ensuring excellent playability.
  • Solid Spruce top with laminated Maple back and sides for superior tone and visual appeal.
  • Straight neck with low action and a fresh setup, including new strings for immediate playability.
  • Includes a case for protection and easy transportation.
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