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1950s Kamaka Soprano Ukulele - Solid Koa - Gold-Label Era Uke


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For your consideration, a 1950's Kamaka Soprano Ukulele! 

Kamaka Ukes are some of the finest ukes out there, and this one is no slouch. It has a classic Hawaiian sound that we just can't get from modern ukes. It just sounds authentic and period-correct, which is something we thing is pretty dang cool. This one comes from Kamaka's "Gold-Label" era that spanned from the mid 1950's well into the 1960's.  It is constructed from solid Koa wood, which is beautiful, especially the flamed figuring in the neck. The downside of Koa is that is dries and cracks eventually, even when properly maintained. We see so many Kamaka ukes from this era with cracks, which left unrepaired can make the instrument lose volume and produce unwanted vibrations and tone-suck. This uke has had it's cracks professionally filled and cleated from the rear with Mahogany cleats. The cracks are closed, sealed, and will no longer spread. Fresh strings and a setup for low action make this one a blast to play and hard to put down!

This uke is ready to be played and enjoyed for another 60+ years!

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