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1953 Stadium Archtop w/ DeArmond Guitar Mike, Case, and Lots More!


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The 1953 Stadium Archtop is a true vintage beauty that captures the essence of a bygone era. Despite its worn appearance, this guitar remains fully intact and remarkably free from signs of abuse, showcasing its sturdy build and durability. The straight neck, original tuners, nut, and frets in great condition ensure that the guitar plays well with no issues affecting intonation. Its secure neck joint and structural integrity have been confirmed through a borescope inspection, revealing a solid construction with no loose braces. No cracks, no repairs, no issues here, just crackling paint. The original lacquer finish, flaking and aging in a charming way, adds to the guitar's vintage charm and character, exuding nostalgic vibes. Equipped with a 1953 DeArmond "Guitar Mike" pickup with a sliding mount. The pickup is original, and so is the 1953 volume pot and knob, but we replaced the wiring between the pickup and control knob. We also replaced the original built-in output cable with a newer extra long Monster Cable, but reused the original DeArmond 1/4" plug on the end to retain a period-correct look. The pickup works great and sounds better than we expected!  This Stadium Archtop boasts a unique sound and versatility. Beyond the instrument itself, this guitar is like a time capsule, including the original hardshell case, a wealth of sheet music, hand-written chord charts, extra strings from the 1950s, and even the original pitch pipe and box. Professionally set up with low action and fresh strings, playing this guitar is a joyful experience that evokes the craftsmanship and musical essence of the past, making it a standout gem that surpasses the quality of most affordable archtops from its era.

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