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1963 Epiphone EA-50 Pacemaker Tube Combo Amp


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For your consideration, a 1963 Epiphone EA-50 Pacemaker! This little amp is a blast to play through and easy to use.  This is a US-built (Kalamazoo) amp, that is most often compared to the Gibson GA-5, which shared a circuit and most of the components. They sound the same to our ears. This amp just made a trip to our repair facility where it received a new transformer, some caps and resistors, and a full onceover to test, adjust, and clean every component. This amp is 100% fully functional and safe to use! 1963 speaker date, and a rather clean exterior make this one a winner! No water damage, no signs of misuse, no critter turds on the inside. Our lovely amp tech printed out a schematic that is included with the amp, for future reference, if needed.
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