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1963 Lectrolab - Sound Projects - R200B Tube Combo Amp


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Check out this neat little old amp! 

We love it when we get to hand a cool but neglected vintage amp to our amp wizard, Bob, and tell him to just do what he does best. Make it safe, and make it sound right, is what we say, and he delivers. Since you're into cool small tube amps, check out Hunter Amplifiers. He also builds some wicked stuff!

This amp is a 1963 Lectrolab Sound Projects R200B. This model is one of those old amps that can kill you, but this one has been made 100% safe to use with a proper transformer upgrade, new caps, and a properly grounded power cable. This one even got a slight speaker upgrade with a 1973 CTS speaker. It most surely sounds better now than it did new, and is totally safe to use. The knobs, switch, jacks have all been cleaned and work as they should. Labels with the tube and fuse specs have been added to the chassis for your convenience. The original schematic is still attached inside the cabinet, but it is no longer accurate. This amp is ready to be played, but also looks awesome just hanging out. It has a great gritty, classic low-wattage tube amp snarl that works great with guitar and lap steel! None of us play, but I bet a harmonica would sing through this one, too!
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